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Committe Minutes

Here you can read or download the minutes
of our Branch committee meetings

Because of Covid-19 an emergency committee meeting was convened for the 10th of March because of the measures to be introduced to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Given that most of our activities include people meeting in groups it was clear that our normal program would have to change.
A meeting by various means of communication was held between the 6th and 10th of April. From then on we have held meetings via Zoom an online Meeting tool

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Zoom Meeting 14th September 2021

Zoom Meeting 10th August 2021

Zoom Meeting 13th July 2021

Zoom Meeting 8th June 2021

Zoom Meeting 11th May 2021

Zoom Meeting 13th April 2021

Zoom Meeting 9th March 2021

Zoom Meeting 9th February 2021

Zoom Meeting 12th January 2021

Zoom Meeting 8th December 2020

Finance Sub-Committee meeting held on 24th November 2020

Zoom Meeting 10th November 2020

Zoom Meeting 13th October 2020

Zoom Meeting 8th September 2020

Zoom Meeting 11th August 2020

Zoom Meeting 14th July 2020

Zoom Meeting 9th June 2020

Zoom Meeting 12th May 2020

Distance meeting between 6th & 10th April 2020

Extra Special Meeting 16th MARCH 2020

10th MARCH 2020